Hennas de India 

🌿  100 % Natural

🌿  Nourished and hydrated hair

🌿  Brilliant and elastic

🌿  Permanent color

🌿  Natural and vivid tones

🌿  No split hair ends

🌿  Perfectly covered gray hair strands




Last units of Natural Products
In this section you will find the last units of all natural products, with an incomparable price. Limited stock of products.

our story

The history of Siba Natural Shop started with a childhood illness. When I was barely 10 years old, I suffered from a common and quite frequent viral infection in children: warts. Beeing highly contagious, they spread throughout my forearms in no time. Seeing this, I asked a friend of mine who used natural products to help me, and she used a homemade ionizer made by her father to treat the infected area by pouring acid water on it. This water, which had a pH of 2-3, managed to fully heal the area, thus getting rid of the warts.

This experience made me a faithful defender of the benefits of natural products and their miraculous effects on health, this beeing the reason of why I have extensively documented the multiple uses of alkaline water, also calles electrolytically reduced water and acidic water as well as its application in alternative medicine in different countries over the years.

This was the beginning of my commitment to the Siba brand, a natural product store that is commited to organic, natural and ecological products and is aimed at being one of the best brands of natural products.

Siba Natural Shop has its own line of products, mainly highlighting VA-31 Agua Alcalina, our small-sized water ionizer for personal use that was created in 2008. A simple, easy-to-use and comfortable machine that you can have anywhere in your home.

We are dedicated to the sale of natural products online which are continuously tested, since they are part of our lifestyle. Our clients are our main brand ambassadors and we see providing them with quality natural products as an absolute priority.

Both our ionizer and our range of 100% natural products have reached thousands of people all over the world. The health benefits offered by alkaline water and acidic water are not to be disregarded. In our online store of natural products you can find many alternatives, ranging from natural artisan products all the way to vegan products, organic products, products not tested on animals and devices whose operation does not depend on chemical processes.

Discover our selection of natural Indian henna and other categories of 100% natural products from organic farming. It is now our gift to all women who want to preserve their beauty and health without losing their essence.

“The good things have to be affordable for everyone and responsable with the enviroment”

We are ready to continue with this project with unimmaginable importance for us and for all the people who have benefited from it and recovered their health. We want you to continue to have all our natural products online at your disposal and constantly look for new alternative solutions to offer you.

This is what we have and thisis what we want to share with you – Siba Natural Shop

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