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The present material refers only to the properties of the catholyte (alkaline water) and the anolyte (acidic water), obtained through electro-activation (electrolysis / electrophoresis /, ions exchange between two electrodes).

The main application of activated water (alkaline and acidic) is in different therapies. Clinics around the world claim to treat more than 100 deseases with only with activated water.

Activated water also has cosmetic applications. Compresses soaked in alkaline water and applied on the face give life to the cells and reduce the wrinkles on the face. Cholesterol levels out. Blood vessels work fully and wrinkles are attenuated.

Alkaline water is good for cooking. Meals prepared with alkaline water are more delicious and keep their properties longer. Due to the high pH (above 10) mold cannot develop. Beans prepared with alkaline water are tastier, do not inflate the stomach or increase acidity and form less gas.

Alkaline water, which has to be filtered after activation, is completely demineralized, is clean of lime, heavy metals, etc. The coffee prepared with alkaline water guarantees 100% the care of the coffee machine, in addition to a smooth and pleasant taste.

Alkaline water and acidic water wash better than any detergent, no trace or stain remains and due to its low pH (3.5) acidic water is an excellent disinfectant that can replace detergents.

The healing properties of the catholyte (alkaline water formed by electrolysis):

In the first minutes after its preparation the catholyte represents water with a clearly visible white ground, it may even look like foam depending on the water used. The higher the mineralization of water (a lot of lime, heavy metal compounds, etc.), the higher the grounds. According to organoleptic properties, the catholyte (alkaline water) recalls soft rainwater with a slight taste of sodium bicarbonate. After standing for 20-30 min, the ground falls to the bottom.

The catholyte has an effect on the performance and tone of the arterial system, regulating internal cleanliness (unlocks the walls of the arteries). Therefore it is applied successfully for the treatment of this system.

The action of the catholyte in the body’s systems is similar to the most important vitamins: E, C, P, PP or the like and antioxidants that are immune system stimulators.

In addition the catholyte protects from radiation and is a powerful inducer of biological processes, it has solubilizing properties. As an example, to obtain propolis extract, which normally dissolves in alcohol in four days, in catholyte (40-45º C) it dissolves in a single day.

The catholyte promotes tissue regeneration, normalizes metabolism processes, improves blood circulation in tissues.

The catholyte can stimulate cellular respiration, the introduction of a catholyte solution in the stomach enhances the physiological regeneration processes, in particular the synthesis of DNA in the mucosa of the duodenum.

As a stimulator of biological processes, the catholyte leads to optimal functioning. It transports the beneficial substances for the organism (the activated molecules of the trace elements) and provides extra energy. The catholyte quickly heals wounds and stimulates metabolism, increases blood pressure with hypotonia and improves appetite and digestion.

If the catholyte (alkaline water) is stored in a tightly closed glass container in the dark, it will retain its healing properties for several days. But it is important to know that its effect is optimal until 6 hours after its preparation. The alkaline water intake helps regenerating the intestinal mucosa with the full restoration of its functions, as demonstrated by bacteriological and serological investigations. When taken, the oxidized products are neutralized, that is, the diseased cells are regenerated.

As an anti-radiation factor, alkaline water is effective in the treatment of radiation diseases. This is explained by the fact that with the use of the catholyte the metabolism in the body is improved and toxins, including radionuclides, are expelled. And since the catholyte is a stimulator of the immune system, its use increases the body’s resistance to alpha, beta and other ionizing radiation. Therefore the cells in the blood are less damaged.

Numerous laboratory tests have shown that drinking catholyte activates the body’s defenses, decreases colds and positively influences the reproductive functions of animals, which contributes to increasing their weight. Interestingly, in tests with mice, by letting them choose between normal water and alkaline water they drank four times more often alkaline water. The catholyte also acts favorably on plants.

The catholyte stimulates the transfer of oxygen and electrons from the outside environment to the cell, which normalizes its restorative and metabolic process. The charge of the catholyte activates the functions of DNA molecules and amino acids and stimulates the synthesis of proteins, which explains their high reproductive and reparative capacity. By increasing the activity of blood cells, the catholyte improves humoral and cellular immunity, tones the central nervous system and smooth skeletal musculature. Therefore, when taking catholyte (alkaline water) one feels a contribution of strength and energy, ease of light gait, improvement in mood and sexual potency. Due to the high reproductive and reparative capacity, tissue integrity is restored.

Despite the importance of the oxidation reduction potential of electro-activated water when the values ​​are sufficient, the catholyte and the anolyte are used to treat living beings and do not impair their vital functions. This is one of the advantages of electro-activated water technology, in which despite a low ion concentration, but due to its high activity, there is no risk of dehydration of living tissues.

It is not recommended to store electro-activated water in the refrigerator, nor is it recommended to store it near magnetic fields that interact with each other (mobile phones, television, microwaves or other appliances).

There is a lot of information about the use of alkaline and acidic water for a long time. At the beginning of the last century, news of the result of an expedition to Tibet by Russian scientist Dr. Murdashev (ophthalmologist, the suggested material is in Russian) caused a sensation. Led by monks reached two lakes located next to each other. In one the water was acidic and in the other, alkaline. In the lake of acidic water the surface was constantly restless and stormy, but the surface of the alkaline water was always calm and smooth. Tibetan sages for centuries used lake water for healing purposes. Thus they achieved their longevity.

The healing properties of the anolyte:

Acidic water (anolyte) is a clear liquid with no acidic taste, a little rough and slightly yellowish. If in its neutral form the running water has a potential not exceeding + (200-300) mV, the anolyte reaches 1000 mV. You can save its therapeutic properties for more than a week depending on the storage conditions. Preferably, the anolyte should be kept in a closed glass container in a dark place.

The anolyte has a strong influence on the functioning of the lymphatic venous system, regulates vascular narrowing and widens it to improve drainage in its walls. This water has antiseptic, antiallergic, anthelmintic and anti inflammatory properties. Its disinfectant effect resembles the action of iodine, hydrogen peroxide, pure alcohol and other strong disinfectants. But unlike them it does not cause burns in living tissue, since it is a mild antiseptic. It is proven that the anolyte has not only bactericidal effect, very good results are also achieved in case of chronic constipation, without a significant impact on the regenerative processes of the lining of the intestine and the synthesis of antibodies. Regarding the effects on the micro-flora of the intestine, the anolyte acts as a mild antibiotic with acidity pH3 to pH5. When taken internally, it reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients, decreases metabolism, reduces joint pain. To disinfect in external applications, eliminates germs in infected wounds and strengthens immunity by eliminating food poisoning

The anolyte has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system of the veins by regulating the opening of the vessels acting on the autonomic nervous system, tones the smooth musculature of the vessel walls and the heart valve, stimulates the lymphatic flow, eliminates the processes of stagnation and contamination of the blood, improves the elimination of harmful products in the cells of the kidney, intestine, lung or skin. In addition, the anolyte improves the drainage of the intercellular space, eliminates inflammation in the tissues and restores the integrity of the cell membrane, with the positive correction of electromagnetic homeostasis.

In external use on the skin in the form of compresses, rinses, massages, etc., the anolyte has a softening effect and helps eliminate dead cells and restore the adipose membrane. Taking anolyte can sometimes cause mild drowsiness, fatigue or weakness. This symptom is explained by the calming characteristics of the anolyte, since it has a small sedative effect on the central nervous system. At the same time, it reduces the tone of skeletal muscles and lowers blood pressure.

In intestinal or vaginal lavages the anolyte helps eliminate dead mucosal cells, dissolves fecal stones, eliminates pathogenic flora and reduces inflammation. This restores the immunity of the organs and normalizes their acidic environment.

Its effect on the parasympathetic nervous system is associated with the improvement of blood circulation in the capillaries (microcirculation), improves the functioning of the sweat glands, as well as the glands of internal secretion of the intestinal tract.

The anolyte has anti inflammatory, bactericidal, anthelmintic effect and restores the normal pH of the body.

The anolyte helps dissolve gallstones, stones in the bile duct in the liver, and kidney stones, pancreas and others. It is extremely effective in sores, burns and infected wounds.

In allergies, rhinitis, bronchial asthma and allergic dermatitis, it acts as an antihistamine.

These positive properties of the anolyte are due to its positive charge (protons). This allows it to act on the energetic informational flow of biological systems, improving the global electromagnetic homeostasis of the organism.