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The use of magnets as a therapeutic agent has roots in antiquity. The first evidence is found in a text from China, dating 2000 years before Christ. In the “Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine,” the application of magnetic stones is recommended to correct the imbalance of Chi energy or life force. Magnetotherapy is a modern method of physiotherapy in which the human body is influenced by constant or pulsed low frequency magnetic fields. The magnetic field has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative action, improves the micro-circulation of physiological fluids and stimulates the regeneration and healing processes of tissues. Magnetotherapy is used in the prophylaxis and treatment in post-operative conditions, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins in the legs, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, ischemic heart disease, hypertonia, cerebral vascular disease, peptic ulcer disease, gastric and duodenal ulcer, osteochondritis of the spine, soft tissue injuries, bone fractures, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatitis, dermatosis, neurosis and others. The wide range of therapeutic effects of the magnetic field make the magnets technology of the future. The ease of application of magnetic devices, the safety of their effects, the lack of side effects and their economical price are a prerequisite for greater acceptance of this alternative medical prevention method at home.


In magnetotherapy treatments, the affected part of the body is influenced by constant, variable, impulse or rotating magnetic fields. With the exception of hemoglobin containing iron oxide, biological tissue cells show poor magnetic properties, so they do not interact with the magnetic field. The weakening of the magnetic field with the distance in the biological tissues has the same character as in the free space and is made proportional to the square from the distance to the source. The basis of the curative effect of the magnetic field is found in a famous law of physics; “The electric charge moving in a magnetic field is influenced by a force perpendicular to the charge velocity vector,” known as the Lorentz force.

The force is constant in a constant magnetic field and has variable direction in the variable magnetic field. This phenomenon is carried out at all levels throughout the body (atomic, molecular, subcellular, cellular, tissue and systemic). As a result of Lorentz forces in the biological tissue molecules, a rotating moment arises, under the effect of which the molecules are arranged along the axis of rotation symmetry. This leads to a positive change in the properties of cell membranes and inside cell structures, diffusion and osmotic processes, the colloidal state of tissues and others. Under the action of the magnetic field, the electrical potential of the molecules, cell membranes and biological tissue is modified, resulting in a significant increase in the level of metabolic reactions, redox reactions, and oxidation of free radicals.

 The positive effects of magnetotherapy

Under the action of the magnetic field the blood circulation improves, so that the individual cells supply more oxygen. It improves cellular nutrition and the excretion of metabolic products, which accelerates the treatment, producing a burst of energy, reducing symptoms of stress, depression and pain disappear.

Magnetotherapy is very effective in broken bones. In such cases, often part of the damaged tissue dies, which causes problems in the treatment. In the bones there are electrical potentials that are involved in the construction of the bone. When there is a break, the damaged part of the bone is at rest and therefore the circulation of blood and lymph is limited, which makes treatment difficult.

The use of the magnetic field of pulsation creates favorable conditions to accelerate the circulation of body fluids, which favors healing.

The capabilities of the magnetic treatment are not limited to the treatment of fractures. Magnetic therapy has a positive effect in the treatment of sports injuries (blows, stretched ligaments, tennis elbow, joint diseases, Parkinson’s, as well as in the treatment of depression). With the strength of the magnetic field, scar formation is prevented after wound healing and other skin lesions.

Magnetotherapy can be used by anyone. The only exception are pregnant women (there is not enough evidence on its effect on the fetus) and people with a built-in heart pacemaker (under the action of magnetic impulses, the heart may vary in rhythm).

Low frequency pulse magnetotherapy treatments are particularly effective in preventing the following diseases:

Rheumatism – in patients with rheumatism, suffering from intense inflammation of the joints shows an increase in cortisol levels, which stops the inflammatory process.

Parkinson’s – in most patients, walking limitations decrease significantly and the ability to concentrate increases.

Depression – with magnetic stimulation a marked improvement in mood is achieved and the effect is maintained over time.

Osteoarthritis – in this disease the cartilage of the joints is degraded, which causes great pain. Magnetic therapy reduces pain and limits the processes of cartilage destruction.

Pain – all types of pain, regardless of their origin, are relieved by a magnetic field. It acts on the autonomic nervous system, which transfers the sensation of pain and therefore reduces pain.