Natural Indian Henna

Our selection of 100% natural Indian henna, imported directly from an agricultural producer.

Buy Henna

If you want to buy henna without dyes, preservatives and other harmful chemical ingredients, we recommend natural henna which is ground into a very fine powder and is very easy to apply.

Henna Organic Product

Henna is an ecological product that perfectly covers gray hair, moisturizes and restores exhausted hair and split ends.

Types of Henna

Among the different types of hennas, stands out


Red henna, which gives coppery tones to the hair


Black henna, which in combination with MEHNDI allows coloring in different shades of the brown range,


Colorless neutral henna that gives blonde hair golden tones


Extremely nourishing and moisturizing gooseberry powder for an extraordinary mane. Siba Natural Shop is the perfect store where you can buy natural henna for your hair or henna tattoos, of the highest quality and 100% vegan.

Benefits and why buy Henna

It is a product that is already natural and provides many benefits to the hair. Some people use it to cover their gray hair. It also adds shine and volume to it. In addition, it does not damage it (something that does happen with chemical dyes), nor is it aggressive with the scalp.

If you care about the state of your hair and you don’t want to spoil it, then it’s not a bad idea to consider this type of product as an alternative to dye.

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