Indian Natural Red Henna Mehndi


No chemical ingredients. Ground into a very fine powder and 100% natural Indian Henna, does not contain dyes, preservatives and other harmfasy to apply. Because of this, about half the amount is needed for full hair coloring compared to other brands. For very thick and medium-length hair, it is enough to use about 50 grams per month, it perfectly covers gray hair.

Shiny, strong and elastic hair, without split ends, hydrated and healthy, beautiful, saturated dark red with coppery reflections.

To color and nourish hair permanently.

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Yauvanya henna is extremely easy to apply as it is ground into a very fine, ash-like powder. The mixture becomes smooth and even, with a light movement it spreads easily from the roots to the ends of the strands. Most other hennas have a much coarser grind, which is not obvious at first glance, but its gritty consistency makes it difficult to apply evenly.

Why is it good to change dyes for henna?

Due to dyeing with chemical dyes, the hair undergoes a transformation. Indeed, coloring changes the structure of the hair, it depletes it. This is felt to the touch, the hair becomes dry and hard. Chemical dyes make hair brittle easily, stop subcutaneous hair growth and slow down new hair growth.


Henna is an affordable and healthy natural solution to this problem.


Yauvanya natural henna is a plant (Lawsonia Inermis) that is grown in India and the degree of color saturation is determined by the climate. This henna, grown in a hot and dry climate in the Rajasthan region of India, gives it a really intense color.


Natural henna produces a single color, red-orange. This color will depend on the natural color of your hair, as the henna blends with your color. Henna perfectly covers white hair, giving it a beautiful copper color.


To get the maximum benefits from henna, it is very important for it to be activated in the correct way. Prepare a pasty mixture of 200ml. of warm water and 50g. of henna. Place the mixture in a tightly closed metal container for 8 hours, you can simply cover the container with cling film. Apply the mixture on the hair from the roots to the ends. Leave to act for at least 2 hours. The intensity of the color also depends on the time you leave it, you can keep it up to 6-8 hours. Rinse with the help of the conditioner to remove the remains well. A trick to get a brilliant and permanent color is to rinse the hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:4 ratio. Don’t worry, the vinegar evaporates and the smell goes away quickly. After 48 hours, wash your hair with shampoo.


It is important to know that already activated henna can be frozen and used for the next coloring.

The first few days you will see your hair in a lighter color, in 1-2 washes the hair darkens and acquires beautiful copper tones. The color does not change over time, it does not wear out, it does not lighten and you will notice your hair becoming more flexible and hydrated.

Amount required per application: about 50 grams.


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