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Alkaline Water Ionizer Device

Our small Alkaline Water Ionizer was created more than 15 years ago. Buy a water ionizer, it is perfect for the preparation of alkaline water and acidic water at home. Our water ionizer is easy to use, simple and with a capacity designed for personal use.

What is the Alkaline Water Ionizer?

The alkaline water ionizer is also known by the name of ionized water or hydrogenated water due to its high concentration of active hydrogen, which makes it very beneficial. The alkaline water ionizer works through electrophoresis, a physical process of ion exchange, and no chemical element is involved in the preparation of alkaline water. The water ionizer always separates the water into two, alkaline water with a high pH and acidic water with a low pH. Both waters are used in numerous treatments and have many applications due to the multiple benefits achieved with water ionizers.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a natural antioxidant, an excellent stimulating and invigorating remedy. Accelerates processes in the body, stabilizes blood pressure, improves food assimilation, speeds up metabolism, improves appetite, provides vitality and energy. It quickly regenerates tissues, helping to heal different wounds, from minor scratches to skin irritations, it relieves stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Alkaline water produced by electrolysis from the Alkaline Water Ionizer has a negative charge around -350/-400 millivolts. Through the process, the water is enriched in active hydrogen, the main enemy of free radicals that cause many diseases. Its surface tension is considerably smaller, its molecules fuse into much smaller derivatives (5-6 molecules) than in normal drinking water (10-13 molecules). This means that the water effectively penetrates the tissues, dissolves barely treatable toxins and removes them from the body.

It is the natural method that best helps neutralizing toxins and acids and to ensure the hydration of the body.

It is very important that the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of alkaline water, which characterizes the energy of electrons, is close to the potential of body fluids. The body’s ORP is reductive and fluctuates from +100 to –200 mV. And at the same time the ORP of the water we drink fluctuates from +200 to +300 mV. The activity of electrons in body fluids is much higher than that of the water we drink.

If the ORP of the water we drink were close to the ORP of the body’s liquids, as in the case of alkaline water, the body’s vital energy would not be lost in correcting the energy of the electrons. This means that the water is immediately assimilated and included in the vital activity of the organism.

Acidic water properties

The acidic water resulting from the electrolysis process has many applications. It slows down the biological processes in the body, stabilizes blood pressure, calms the nerves, improves rest and reduces joint pain. Rinsing your mouth with acidic water after meals breaks down tartar, prevents bleeding gums, and disinfects your mouth.

Acidic water effectively disinfects bandages, underwear, footwear, food products, fruit, vegetables, even rooms or grounds. Provides quick relief from colds and sore throats during colds. Relieves diarrhea. It is easy to prepare acidic water with pH=4.5 that can be used for cleaning instead of different chemicals. Also acidic water has a positive charge around 500-600 millivolts, which enhances its effect.

Catholyte/alkaline water/Anolyte/acidic water.

Tests with the anolyte and catholyte show the qualities of the activated water. In the part of the anolyte they are survival and in the part of the catholyte they are recuperative. At first, it should be clarified that the concentration of hydrogen ions in activated water is measured with the pH hydrogen index. The scale of this index varies from 0 to 14 units. Neutral tap water has pH=7.0. Below this index, the water has an acid character. Acidic water with pH=2.5–5.5 is normally used. To disinfect, the water can be even more acidic, pH=1.5–2.0. If the index is greater than 7.0, the water has an alkaline character. The higher the index, the more alkaline the water is. Normally alkaline water is used with pH=8.5–9.5. The discrepancy in concentration +/- 0.5 pH is not significant.

Treatments with Alkaline Water and Acid Water

Alkaline Water and Acid Water give very good results in the case of treatments, details of which are included in the book that accompanies the VA-31 Alkaline Water ionizer.

Abscesses, Suppuration, Adenoma of the prostate, Allergies, Allergic dermatitis, Tonsillitis, Sore throats, Bronchitis, Brucellosis, Hepatitis, Inflammation of the colon, Hair loss, Gastritis, Haemorrhoids, Herpes, Gingivitis, Worms, Suppurating wounds, Headaches, Fungal infections, Flu, Bleeding diathesis, Dermatomycosis, Foot odour, Constipation, Toothache, Acidity in the stomach, Coughs, Vaginitis, Conjunctivitis and sties, Laryngitis, Common colds, Burns, Osteochondrosis, Ear infections, Paraproctitis, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Hypotension (low blood pressure), Sexual dysfunction, Polyarthritis, Diarrhoea, Cuts and scratche,s Prevention of colds, Prevention of insomnia and irritability, Sores caused by constant build-ups, Psoriasis, Radiculitis, Rheumatism, Cracked heels, Varicose veins, Diabetes, Acne, Stomatitis, Face rashes, Improves blood circulation, Improves digestion, Boils, Cholecystitis, Tonsillitis, Eczema, Cervical ectropion, Stomach or duodenal ulcers etc.

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The ionizer VA-31 Agua Alcalina, made in EC since 2008

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