Water filters

To get an idea of the benefits that the continuous use of a water filter brings to your life, it is necessary to determine the quality of the water that you use regularly.

Need to use water filters

In each city, water is different depending on its environment and the way it is treated. Although it is perfectly disinfected and prepared for use in daily life, it contains substances that can cause irritation, skin discomfort, itchy skin or dry hair, as well as containing lime and magnesium that can affect your body. The presence of lime in the water means that we do not have the sensation of clean and light hair. In addition, water suitable for drinking and consumption contains a high percentage of chlorine, to prevent bacteria from reproducing.

Benefits of water filters

All these components directly affect our health, skin and hair. This has an easy solution with water filters. Our alkaline water filters remove all chemicals and restore the quality of the water. They are shower water filters adaptable to any shower and give us a great feeling of well-being. Drinking water quality can also be improved with carbon filters or alkaline water filters.

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