Shower Filter


Designed to ensure clean water, without chemicals or limescale, it will provide everyone with a much more pleasant cleanliness and sensation by eliminating the unpleasant itching that occurs on the skin after showering. Care in the daily shower that leaves the skin softer, avoiding chemical products from the water.

Includes a filter cartridge that has a useful life of 1 year (for a household with two people).

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Many times after a shower we feel itchy skin and hair not light and hydrated, but quite the opposite, matted or dry. This is because the water from the pipes, to reach us perfectly clean and drinkable, goes through many chemical treatments. It is advisable to use additional filters to improve their quality and remove debris that can irritate. It’s as easy as installing a small filter directly in the shower.

What is removed from the water?


Hydrogen sulfate

Iron oxide




Fungi and Bacteria

Each cartridge has 7 layers:

NanoTM Silver fabric

Nano TM Carbon fiber

Calcium sulfate

KFD-55 Gold Sand

Coconut Shell


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