Magneton Bio Device


MAGNETON BIO is a modern physiotherapy instrument designed for low-frequency pulsed magnetic field therapy. Magnet therapy is a modern method of physiotherapy in which the human body is influenced by constant or pulsed low-frequency magnetic fields. The magnetic field has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative action, improves the microcirculation of physiological fluids and stimulates the regeneration and healing processes of the tissues. The device is easily transportable, it works with a 6F22 9V battery.

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MAGNETON BIO is a modern physiotherapy instrument designed for low-frequency pulsed magnetic field therapy. The treatment can be applied in the following cases:


Surgical or traumatic tissue damage


Cardiovascular diseases


Diseases of the locomotor system


Neurological disorders


Diseases of the respiratory tract


Dermatological diseases


ENT diseases (throat, nose and ear)






In magnetotherapy treatments, the affected part of the body is influenced with constant, variable, pulsed or rotating magnetic fields. With the exception of hemoglobin that contains iron oxide, biological tissue cells show poor magnetic properties, so they do not interact with the magnetic field.


The weakening of the magnetic field with distance in biological tissues has the same character as in free space and becomes proportional to the square of the distance to the source.


The basis for the healing effect of the magnetic field is found in a famous law of physics; “Electric charge moving in a magnetic field is influenced by a force perpendicular to the velocity vector of the charge”, known as the Lorentz force.


The force is constant in a constant magnetic field and has a variable direction in a variable magnetic field. This phenomenon takes place at all levels throughout the body (atomic, molecular, subcellular, cellular, tissue, and systemic). As a result of the Lorentz forces in the molecules of biological tissue, a rotating moment arises, under the effect of which the molecules are arranged along the axis of symmetry of rotation. This leads to a positive change in the properties of cell membranes and in the interior of cell structures, diffusion and osmotic processes, the colloidal state of tissues, and others.


Under the action of the magnetic field, the electrical potential of molecules, cell membranes and biological tissue is modified, resulting in a significant increase in the level of metabolic reactions, redox reactions and oxidation of free radicals.




The positive effects of magnetotherapy:




Under the action of the magnetic field, blood circulation improves, so that individual cells supply more oxygen. It improves cell nutrition and the excretion of metabolic products, which speeds up treatment, producing a burst of energy. Stress symptoms, depression and pain disappear.


Magnet therapy is very effective on broken bones. In such cases, often some of the damaged tissue dies, causing treatment problems. In the bones there are electrical potentials that are involved in the construction of the bone. When there is a break, the damaged part of the bone is at rest and therefore the circulation of blood and lymph is limited, which makes treatment difficult.


The use of the pulsing magnetic field creates favorable conditions to accelerate the circulation of body fluids, which promotes healing.


The capabilities of magnetic treatment are not limited to the treatment of fractures. Magnetic therapy has a positive effect in the treatment of sports injuries (concussions, stretched ligaments, tennis elbow, joint diseases, Parkinson’s, as well as in the treatment of depression). With the strength of the magnetic field, scar formation is prevented after the healing of wounds and other skin injuries.


Magnet therapy can be used by anyone. The exception is made only for pregnant women (there is not enough evidence about its effect on the fetus) and people with a built-in pacemaker (under the action of magnetic impulses, the heart can vary in rhythm).


MAGNETON BIO can be used simultaneously or sequentially with other physical treatments, laser therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture, mud or mineral water therapy and others.



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