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Magnetic device in the form of a pendant to be able to carry it with you always. NEOGUARD LIFE consists of a hermetically sealed body, a multi-pole magnetic system, a biologically active mixture and an application with messages in pictographic language. Furthermore, the device consists of a single drive, completely replacing the need for two or more drives from past generations. The device does not require external power supply or maintenance. The magnetic field has an anti-inflammatory, sedative and analgesic effect. NEOGUARD LIFE helps relieve pain of any origin, headaches, rheumatic, muscular. The NEOGUARD LIFE magnet protects against negative external electromagnetic impacts.

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The specially designed multi-pole magnetic system ensures one-sided radiation of the magnetic field with a high degree of magnetic induction and a clear boundary between the poles. This guarantees a deep penetration of the magnetic field and an impact on the tissues, several times more effective than ordinary magnets.

NEOGUARD LIFE is a high-tech device that can be used for:

Magnet therapy

Magnetic water treatment

Energetic and informative structuring of water, liquids and food

Protection from negative external electromagnetic impacts

Energy balance of the organism

Magnetic induction value: 2000 Gs ± 10%

Number of poles: 6

The magnetic field has an anti-inflammatory, sedative and analgesic effect. It improves the circulation of physiological fluids and stimulates regenerative and restorative processes in tissues. NEOGUARD LIFE helps relieve pain of any origin, headaches, migraines, rheumatic pain and trauma to the spine and joints, muscle pain, and more. NEOGUARD LIFE facilitates rapid resolution of edema and bruising in soft tissue injuries, accelerates the healing of broken bones.

The human body uses a large amount of energy to protect itself from adverse environmental factors. These negatively affect health, self-esteem, mental sustainability and energy. They lead to the appearance of diseases, accelerated aging and deterioration of the quality of life. These include:

Electromagnetic pollution caused by emissions from high-voltage transmission lines, mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwaves and other things such as:

Geopathogenic radiation on earth

Solar and cosmic radiation

Negative effects of parasites, viruses, and bacteria residing in humans

Negative psycho-energetic impacts of people and objects.

Thanks to its unique qualities NEOGUARD LIFE is very effective against these harmful influences. The effect is achieved by restoring the natural energy protection structure of the human body, its aura. When the aura is in optimal condition, it effectively protects the body from negative external influences. This effective protection is achieved with daily use of the NEOGUARD LIFE Pendant.

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