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It is a small patch that is stuck on the back of the phone, on the router or on any equipment that emits electromagnetic waves near us. Reduces harmful electromagnetic radiation and cell radiation intensity by 75%. OndaNeutra does not change the amount of EMF emitted by the device. It weakens the fields and realigns the frequencies generated or close to the phone or other devices to make them compatible and not harmful to health.

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The waves that we do not see harm us equally. We are surrounded by emitting devices that affect our health much more than we imagine.

OndaNeutra effectively neutralizes the harmful effects of RF and EMF exposure.

The Onda Neutra disc is effective against potentially harmful EMF (electromagnetic fields) and RF (radio frequencies) radiation emitted by any mobile phone.

Simply stick the Onda Neutra disk on the back of your mobile to neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation emitted by your mobile phone.

OndaNeutra is compatible with:

Any kind of antenna

Any brand and model

Digital or analog model

Onda Neutra also works on:

ADSL modem

Microwave oven

Hair dryer

Video game console



Baby monitor

Wireless phones


Any device that emits EMF

EMCs emitted by mobile phones have been shown to have a detrimental effect on human DNA. Several laboratory studies show that this effect is reduced by 75% when the OndaNeutra disc is applied to the back of the phone. A positive resumption of normal DNA function occurs, as if there had never been any cellular function nearby. This neutralizing effect prevents DNA damage (biological damage) immediately after EMF exposure.

Thickness 0.5mm – Diameter 29mm

US Patent 7485885 B2

OndaNeutra is made up of a specific patented formulation of natural materials that neutralize harmful emissions.

The power of this composition of natural materials has been discovered for the first time when used to neutralize and eliminate zinc losses present in a landfill during an environmental cleanup project.

Three thin layers of this composition (Rare Earth Elements) or REM (Rare Earth Metals); they produce the most effective neutralizing effect ever seen before.

Electromagnetic waves are everywhere around us. EMFs in their natural form are harmless, but it is scientifically proven that if they are artificial they can damage the DNA structure.

Repeated biological damage to DNA can lead to significantly worsening of our health.

Some other cellular radiation protection tools act as blockers or absorbers. The OndaNeutra disk is a better solution. Blockers block some of the radiation stream, and most of the radiation only moves around the blocked device. Absorbent caps absorb cellular radiation but quickly fill up and stop working. OndaNeutra continues to work and neutralizes the radiation, transforming the waves into a pulsation or vibration compatible with that of human DNA.

For a long time, the problem of mobile security has been the subject of many debates, but today, thanks to years of research, we know that OndaNeutra is effective in protecting against radiation to avoid adverse effects on our health.

OndaNeutra has been tested in the laboratory by Sun Microsystems Inc., an international organization qualified for the certification of electrical and electronic equipment and its compatibility with humans.

The test showed that OndaNeutra breaks the RF emission classified as electromagnetic interference (EMI) for a wide spectrum of frequencies ranging from 100 Hertz (Hz) to 10 Gigaherz (GHz) with a shield equal to 15dB. (see certificates and laboratory tests).

The harmful effects of the EMF (electromagnetic fields) generated by the mobile phone are completely neutralized by OndaNeutra.

OndaNeutra offers complete protection.

The energy generated by OndaNeutra is highly compatible with the human body, which neutralizes the energy generated by cell phones that would not be compatible with the human body if used inappropriately.

OndaNeutra converts electromagnetic fields (EMFs) incompatible with the human body into compatible electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

OndaNeutra protects our organisms through two mechanisms: a defensive biochemical response and a physical alteration of the cellular signal.

OndaNeutra weakens the radiation frequencies of your mobile phone by at least 30%, completely eliminating the frequency peaks of the signal.

OndaNeutra uses a specific mix of rare earth elements (RETs) to eliminate harmful cellular radiation.

DNA winding and unwinding is increased by 40% after 5 minutes of cell phone use. OndaNeutra reduces the winding and unwinding of 95% of DNA.

Changes in DNA rewinding caused by mobile phones are completely reversible if OndaNeutra is applied to your cell phone.

OndaNeutra is effective for the entire spectrum of radiation and micro-radiation emitted by our cell phones.

Your DNA is affected by the radiation from your cell phone.

OndaNeutra generates a safe EMC (electromagnetic field) that neutralizes the EMC damage of the cell phone.

Your cellular radiation will be totally neutralized by the energy emitted by OndaNeutra.

OndaNeutra reduces the intensity of cellular radiation by 75%


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