Ozone Machine

Purifying Ozone Machine

Ozone is a natural purifier and one of nature’s basic elements. The ozone device produces ozone to purify both the air and the water without the use of chemical additives of any kind.

Benefits of the Ozone Device

The Ozone device removes bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and cysts, removes chemical contaminants such as aldehydes that can develop on panels, carpets, insulation, paints, stains and plastics and removes odors from cigarettes, pets, mold, moisture, food , footwear, perfumes and much more.

Ozone generators models

There are different models of ozone generators to purify the air. The Ozone Generator, depending on its size, can be portable, plugged directly into the electrical network for smaller spaces, or a larger ozone generator with the capacity to disinfect rooms of many square meters in a short time.

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