Silver Water Ionizer

Qualities of the Silver Water 

The healing qualities of silver water have been known for many centuries. Small doses of silver are not toxic, and their action is very positive, they rejuvenate the blood, stimulate all physiological processes, increase the amount of protein in the blood, etc. The most frequent application of silver water is the disinfection and conservation of drinking water.

Silver Water Effects

Speaking of the effect of silver water, it should be noted that apart from silver in the solution there are always hypochlorous ions and compound peroxides present, which are formed at the positive electrode, the anode. We are talking about ionic water, produced by releases of silver ions in the water as a result of electrolysis, unlike water with colloidal silver. The ions penetrate tissues easily because they are so small.

Differences between ionic silver from water and colloidal silver

Ionic silver must be differentiated from colloidal silver water, which is water with a saturation of silver particles much larger than the ions.

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