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The SILVER MINI ACTIVATOR is a small and portable device that works with a 9V battery and can be carried and used anywhere. The DR SILVER activator performs the electromagnetic release of silver ions in the water by means of direct current between a silver electrode and a stainless steel electrode. The silver electrode is consumed with the uses, it is enough to produce 5,000 liters of water with potable concentration. The silver electrode is replaceable. Ionic silver water penetrates tissues faster than colloidal silver water because the ions are much smaller in size.

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Productivity: 0.15 mg/min silver ions.

Max water volume to treat: from 0.2 to 10 litres.

Duration: The resource of the device until the total exhaustion of the silver electrodes is greater than 50 hours.

Volume of water until depletion of the silver electrode resource, 10,000 liters with a concentration of 0.5 g.

Water temperature: from +5ºC to +40ºC.

Power supply: 6F22 9V battery.

Silver electrode: 0.5 gr., 1000 proof. Control block dimensions: 95x54x18 mm.

Electrolytic cell dimensions: 58 x 16 mm.

Total weight with the battery inserted, 95 g.

Contents of the pack: Silver Water Activator “Dr. SilverMini”. Electrolytic cell. 9V battery. Instructions. Box.


It can be used to make compresses, baths, in the treatment of dermatosis due to viruses, fungi or trophic.

A very frequently asked question is what is the difference between silver water and filtered water. The filters reduce the chemical and physical contamination of the water. In silver water, microbes and bacteria are destroyed, that is, the water becomes biologically clean water. It is important to bear in mind that if silver water is always drunk, its concentration must not exceed 0.01-0.02 mg/l. To prepare wet compresses the recommended concentration is 35 mg/l., to drink for curative purposes 0.5 mg/l. to 1.5 mg/l., in some cases up to 10 mg/l.


The healing qualities of the MINI SILVER ACTIVATOR have been known for a long time, as seen in the ancient scriptures of medicine authors written in Sanskrit. In the old Indian books it is explained how to disinfect the water by immersing a piece of very hot silver inside or keeping several silver bowls inside. When they inaugurated the wells, they threw silver coins into it and always kept the water in silver containers. At the end of the 19th century, the attention of explorers focused on the disinfecting qualities of some metals. Tests showed that diphtheria bacilli on a silver plate died in 2 days, on a copper plate they died in 3 days, and on a gold plate in 9 days. Typhus bacilli, placed on top of a silver plate, died in just 18 hours.

The tests showed that the bactericidal effect of silver was stronger than that of other metals because silver penetrates cells faster. The cell envelope absorbs the silver and it blocks the bacterial ferments and the microbial cells die. Silver-based products have a very strong bacteria-killing power. According to data provided by V. Uglov, silver has an effect 1750 times greater than carbolic acid, considering the same concentration, and 5.5 times greater than sublimate (duochloride mercury). According to data provided by L. Kulski, silver water is stronger than chlorine, chloric lime, sodium hypochlorite and other oxidants with an identical concentration. It has also been shown that the antimicrobial action of silver is higher in an alkaline environment than in an acid or neutral environment. The effect of silver depends on its concentration, which is measured in mg/l (milligrams per litre). The higher the concentration, the stronger and faster the effect. For example, silver water of 0.05 mg/l concentration destroys microbes in 5 minutes, of 0.2 mg/l concentration in 2 minutes, of 1 mg/l concentration almost instantly. With a concentration of 1 mg/l the intestinal bacteria die in three minutes, with a concentration of 0.5 mg/l in 20 minutes etc.

Speaking of the effect of silver water, it should be noted that apart from silver in the solution there are always hypochlorous ions and compound peroxides present, which are formed above the positive electrode, the anode. All of these further enhance the antimicrobial effect of silver. In these cases, the effect of silver water is stronger than when applying penicillin or other similar antibiotics. Silver also destroys those bacteria that are immune to antibiotics and other medications. The function of silver can be increased by active chlorine, UV rays, ultrasound or an electric field which allows the same bactericidal effect to be achieved using a lower silver concentration.


How does Dr. SILVER MINI SILVER ACTIVATOR in the body?

Small doses of silver are not toxic, and their action is very positive, they "rejuvenate" the blood, stimulate all physiological processes, increase the amount of protein in the blood, etc.

The most frequent application of silver water is the disinfection and conservation of drinking water.

It also helps in the preservation of all kinds of fruit juices that, even without other types of heat treatment, retain their qualities for a year (a concentration of 0.5 mg/l is sufficient).

Silver ions speed up the wine's maturation processes and improve its taste. Silver water perfectly disinfects egg shells, stabilizes milk and butter, is quick and effective at disinfecting pipes in breweries.

At a concentration of 0.5 mg/l, for example, acetic acid bacteria are killed within 30 minutes.

The silver water obtained with DR. SILVER MINI SILVER ACTIVATOR allows meat to be kept in the fridge for longer. Here comes some of A. Malovichko's advice, published in his book:

100 – 200 mg/l solution of silver in citric acid is a great preparation for wound healing.

Gauze soaked in silver water is an antiseptic remedy.

Silver powder with labilin heals superficial wounds very well.

Silver water heals gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation of the eyes, digestive system, wounds and superficial sores.

Silver water of 5-10 mg/l concentration cures acute pneumonia. In this case, what works best are the water aerosols.

It is a very effective method to heal burns without leaving a mark.

Silver water electrophoresis is an excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing remedy in the treatment of arthritis, postoperative inflammatory processes, wounds, abscesses. This is very important in cases of allergies to antibiotics.

By clearing the throat several times a day, silver water cures tonsillitis and eliminates intestinal streptococci and staphylococci in the mouth. The concentration has to be 20 mg/l.

By rinsing the mouth after meals for a long time with silver water with a concentration of 22-25 mg/l, wounds, fungus, parodontosis or stomatitis heal quickly.


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