Natural Tourmaline Crystal

Tourmaline is a unique natural crystal. Tourmaline stone emits infrared heat and negative ions at the same time, generates a vortex magnetic field, activates cells and balances bioelectricity in the body.

Uses of the mineral Tourmaline

Thanks to the mineral tourmaline, which can be black tourmaline or green tourmaline, excellent healing results are achieved that cannot be achieved with any other mineral known to date.

The interaction of tourmaline with blood and energy processes in the body helps to relax the smooth muscles of internal organs, activates energy meridians, improves the elasticity of blood vessels and blood circulation.

Benefits of the tourmaline for the waist, the cervicals and the knees

The waist, the cervicals and the knees are three very punished points of the body, they continuously support great pressure and it is where we usually feel the most discomfort and pain. Products that incorporate tourmaline are designed to relieve these pains and restore postural well-being.

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