Dr. Nature Tourmaline Neck Brace


Recommended in case of cervical pain, the necklace, in addition to the tourmaline stone, contains permanent magnets, germanium and bamboo charcoal powder. Made of a resistant material but soft on the part that touches the skin with multiple points of contact to heat the area and provide soothing treatment.

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The brace supports the neck and head and aids movement. The Dr.Nature Neck Brace is created according to Japanese technology and is designed for the prevention and improvement in cases of tension in the neck and shoulders, neck spikes, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, cervical, thyroid problems, sleep problems, colds, headache, loss of concentration or fatigue. The use of the neck brace normalizes the functions of osteoblasts (cells that form the bone), restores the joints, intervertebral discs and bones. It improves the sustainability of the bones, stimulates the production of synovial fluid and ensures reliable lubrication of the joint surfaces. The use of the neck brace reduces the wear of the discs in case of cervical osteochondrosis, improves the functions of the cervical spine. Increases the elasticity of the bone ligaments, relieves muscle tension, stress, increases the stability and endurance of the body. It helps tone the body quickly and is effective against fatigue and stress, producing an overall restorative effect on the body. Especially suitable for people who work at the computer on a daily basis.

When can the Dr.Nature Tourmaline neck brace be used?

• Pain and stiffness in the neck

• Pain in the back of the shoulder and upper

• Stress, tension, strong mental work

• Spikes, rheumatism, plexopathy

• Headaches, colds, flu, fatigue

• Dizziness

• Shaking chills

• Circulation problems

• Drowsiness

• Thyroid problems

• Chronic tonsillitis

• Cervical osteochondrosis

• Especially suitable for people with sedentary lifestyles and working with computers.


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